Beauty is a portal

Beauty is an integral part of our life with God. It can seduce us if we make it an idol. But if we treat it as an icon or as a sacrament then beauty has the power to deepen our love for God. Beauty is a portal to God.
James Bryan Smith

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Disruptive acts of beauty

It is important to believe in acts of beauty.

It is important that we give flowers in response to gunfire. It is important to sing redemption songs in response to brutality. It is important to give where others take. By doing so, you spread the powerful notion of a better way. It may seem impotent when staring down the barrel of a gun, but is a notion worth living and dying for.

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This site has not had the launch¬†I’d hoped for due to a family medical crisis, which is ongoing. However, I cannot let this most beautiful month pass without acknowledgment. I’m ready to give May permission to let its healing powers of new life invade my personal turmoil. I’ll be posting a daily beauty quote, which I’ve crafted or collected, in order to participate with May, to advance the cause of beauty.