What’s in a name?

From a young age, I was indoctrinated about the dangerous power of beauty. It was told to me in a story – my favourite story – which was closely connected to my own identity.  I was named after beauty folklore.

My name, Loreli, came from the myth of The Lorelei (or Loreley). The story takes place at the Rhine River, in Germany. Legend has it that, at a particularly treacherous bend in the river, this is where a beautiful maiden, named Lorelei, was betrayed by her lover. She cast herself into the river in despair and came up as a water spirit. Because of her infinite pain and anger and desire for revenge, she attracted fishermen to draw close, enticing them toward the rocks and their death.

While The Lorelei legend offered a practical lesson for boaters on the Rhine River to proceed cautiously, I learned from the story that beauty had an alluring power and it wasn’t always friendly. Continue reading “What’s in a name?”